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Urbane Agrikultur in Köln-Ehrenfeld (2010-3)
In Urbane Agrikultur, we explored the potential of urban agriculture practice as key constituent of a comprehensive design approach for urban regeneration in Ehrenfeld, a post-industrial housing quarter in Cologne, Germany. Urbane Agrikultur was one of four distinct strands within the Design Quartier Ehrenfeld (DQE) project, developed by Cologne-based curator Sabine Voggenreiter and financed by the European Regional Development Fund (amongst others).

We were invited into the project as expert consultants tasked with contributing to the conceptual development, design and practical implementation of Urbane Agrikultur for the duration of DQE (2010–12) and its continuation project (2013). With Cologne-based landscape architect Dirk Melzer, Katrin ran three participatory, week-long, consecutive workshops (2010, 2011, 2012) with local stakeholders. These comprised site visits, Inventories of Urban Capacity (following our CPUL City Actions), mappings, case study research, group discussions, proposal formulation, planting, joint cooking and eating and public presentations.
"Opportunity Maps": The image produced with residents records local food production and potentials for productive urban landscape. (image: B&V and Nishat Awan, FG Stadt & Ernährung TU Berlin, 2012)
The main results of the participatory design process — a communal orchard, the co-development of a ‘green' space network for Ehrenfeld, a vineyard and the productive urban landscape proposal LowLine — were implemented during the project’s duration and/or influenced the future direction of the DQE project.

In 2010 and as part of Cologne's architecture biennale plan10, Katrin, with Dirk Melzer, also designed and ran the participatory exhibition Ehrenfeld, was isst du? [Ehrenfeld, what do you eat?] acting as a kick-off of the project and aiming to raise awareness of the area’s food production.

location: Köln [Cologne], Germany
dates: 2010 — 2013
client: Design Quartier Ehrenfeld (c/o Sabine Voggenreiter)
funding: European Regional Development Fund

B&V team: Katrin Bohn

collaborators: Dirk Melzer Landschaftsarchitekt & Umweltingenieur, Köln, Germany / Nishat Awan, FG Stadt & Ernährung TU Berlin, Germany
supporters: local residents / staff at DQE