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Second Nature Urban Agriculture
Winner of the 2015 RIBA President's “Award for Outstanding University-located Research”.

Co-authored and co-edited by B&V, Second Nature Urban Agriculture updates and extends our concept for introducing productive urban landscapes, including urban agriculture, into cities as essential elements of sustainable urban infrastructure. It reviews recent research and projects on the subject and presents concrete actions aimed at making urban agriculture happen. Expert chapters by international authorities support particular themes and thoughts throughout the book.

The book is a companion volume to CPULs Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Designing Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Cities, published in early 2005, which is considered a milestone in the conceptualisation of designing for urban food production.
The "Second Nature book" contains an overarching text by Bohn&Viljoen and invited chapters by planning/design experts and practitioners. (image: B&V 2013)
Second Nature not only publishes advances in theoretical research, it also provides evidence of the prototypes through which the design concept was tested, offering practical steps towards their introduction into design practice. The book was prompted by demand from cities, practitioners, activists, designers and planners, and reflects on the progress of productive urban landscapes. It demonstrates their necessity in urban design, driven by the imperatives of climate change, economics, demographics and resource supply.

The publisher, Routledge, describes it as this: 'As pioneering thinkers in this area, the authors bring a unique overview to contemporary developments and have the experience to judge opportunities and challenges facing those who wish to create more equitable, resilient, desirable and beautiful cities.'
"Second Nature" contains "process diagrams" that capture the interdependencies in the design of urban agriculture projects. (image: B&V and FG Stadt & Ernährung TU Berlin 2012)
The term 'Second Nature' is being practically explored in a double meaning: on the one hand, it describes embedded, normalised habits and customs that take place without a thought, and on the other, it refers to the man-made, cultivated space surrounding us in a similar way to (first) nature.

The book starts by engaging a series of urban design thoughts and theories that may hold keys to the successful implementation of a food-productive city and that contextualise the subject area from a variety of experts' view points. Part two of the book presents the CPUL City Actions, our planning and design guide for implementing more localised urban food systems based on urban agriculture. The book concludes with the CPUL Repository of relevant resources presenting a snapshot of the international discourse from the time of writing.
The "CPUL City Actions" ( we also call them “CPUL clover”) describe the 4 distinct actions needed for any successful urban food-growing project. (image: B&V and FG Stadt & Ernährung TU Berlin 2013)
CPUL Repository: To contextualise the design concept, the Second Nature book contains a repository of over 500 sources of interest. (image: B&V 2014)