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2019-Mar-11 : INVITE: Do join us for the Global Climate Strike!
This Friday, 15th March 2019, the first Global Climate Strike will happen in many countries of the world. It is inspired by and part of the Fridays for Future movement which, since months, sees school children and young people in many towns and cities take to the streets every Friday to demonstrate for urgent and better climate protection.
The Swedisch school girl Greata Thunberg initiated the movement.

The initiative Scientists for Future will also be there. This international grassroots network of students, academic and scientists supports the aims of the Fridays for Future movement.

Please join us this Friday in London or Berlin or whereever you are.
Please refer to announcements in your countries to find out times and meeting places.
Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike in Berlin. (image: B&V 2019)
For more information on Fridays for Future see here.

For information on the international network Scientists for Future see here.