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2021-Jun-21 : Editorial board selects proposals for Mapping the Edible City book
During the last weeks, our eight-people-strong editorial board had the near-impossible task to select more than 20 thematically, geographically and disciplinarily balanced contributions for our forthcoming book Mapping the Edible City (working title). Our call earlier this Spring attracted more than 50 high-quality submissions from all over the world mainly focusing on either a specific urban location or on specific food mapping methodologies or, more generally, on the challenges and opportunities urban food mapping as sustainable development agendas.

The book project follows on from our conference panel Mapping the Edible City: Making visible communities and food in the city at last year’s Royal Anthropological Institute’s Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future conference which was co-convened by Dr Ferne Edwards (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Katrin and Andre.
Chicago’s Urban Agricultural Networks: Mapping the future of thriving metropolitan foodsheds (image: Gundula Proksch 2020)
The selected researchers and practitioners - experienced, as well as in their early careers - represent a variety of disciplines, such as urban design, anthropology, geography, architecture, urban planning, community activism, spatial arts, fine arts, farming, agronomy, economy and photography, highlighting how multi-disciplinary urban food mapping already is.

The book will be split into four sections working-titled: System (Why), Land (Where), Process (When) and Action (Who). Seeking to combine both, artistic and academic styles, we aim to alternate between ‘text-based’ and ‘image-based’ chapters grouped into the 4 sections. Chapters will be of all kinds: from theoretical and conceptual through to practical applications of food mapping in cities.

The book’s production is now overseen by Katrin, Ferne and Dr Mikey Tomkins (UK), and the editorial board also includes Mila Brill (University of Bonn, Germany), Dr Howard Lee (Hadlow Agricultural College, UK), Dr Gundula Proksch (University of Washington, USA), Prof Andre Viljoen (University of Brighton) and Ivonne Weichold (University of Luxembourg).
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