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Landwirtschaftspark Heidelberg (2015-8)
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The 40-ha site is situated within the city's boundaries as well as within the metropolitan region. (image: Katrin Bohn using an underlay provided by IBA Heidelberg 2016)
The Urban Agriculture Park borders several local (urban) neighbourhoods and consists of a patchwork of different fields owned and used by a multitude of stakeholders. (image: B&V and IBA Heidelberg 2016)

location: Heidelberg, Germany
dates: 2015 — 2018
client: International Building Exhibition (IBA) Heidelberg / City of Heidelberg
funding: City of Heidelberg

B&V team: Katrin Bohn

supporters: staff at IBA Heidelberg / Interessengruppe "Landwirtschaftspark" / local residents

IBA Heidelberg, project website Landwirtschaftspark / information services at the City of Heidelberg / project news on our blog Productive Urban Landscapes