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Spiel/Feld Marzahn (2011-4)
Winner of the UN award Contribution to the UN World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (publications)

Spiel/Feld Marzahn [Playing/Field Marzahn] is an urban agriculture project including project design, implementation, project management and dissemination of results. Its aim is to establish community-led food growing on a redundant urban site in a Berlin housing estate. It is a participatory project between landscape architecture students of the Technical University Berlin, the planning department of the council of the Berlin borough of Marzahn-Hellersdorf and local actors on site. A special stakeholder focus is on building the project for and with a neighbouring primary school. The project investigates relationships between environmental education / ecological literacy and urban agriculture, between different forms of learning and the spatial consequences for regenerated urban and architectural sites.
Participatory design: projects with students, local residents and the municipality on productive space lead to multiple knowledge flows. (image: B&V 2011)
The project's aim is to instigate the spatially effective, food-productive use of a brownfield site and, at the same time, to strengthen local engagement and offer lifestyle choices. At the moment, the project consists of a 600 m2 food growing field, a purpose-built shed, a composting site and an emerging group of local gardeners.
For further information see the project’s own website.

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