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Since about the year 2000, Bohn&Viljoen Architects have been invited to present their projects and design ideas, especially the CPUL concept, in many countries and to diverse audiences. Most of our presentations were done by Katrin or André or both. For others, we collaborated with colleagues from all over the world.
We are always surprised (and pleased) to hear that a particular project elsewhere was influenced by a lecture we gave, sometimes years earlier. If you happen to know such a project, please do get in touch.

2020 —

Food-productive green infrastructure (2023) invited presentation at: “Towards green(er) Egyptian cities through people-centered, practice-oriented urban education” research project, Habitat Unit, Technical University of Berlin, Germany [Bohn] >>> details

Katrin Bohn and Andre Viljoen: Urban agriculture as design (2023) interview at: Gillick, A. A is of Architecture, a podcast about architecture, buildings, urban culture, and space [Viljoen and Bohn] >>> Online: iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMusic >>> here

Die AG Stadt & Ernährung (2021) public talk at: “Ein Gemeinschaftsgarten-Programm für Berlin” public event, Malzfabrik Berlin, Germany [Bohn] >>> details

Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (CPUL) (2021) public lecture at: IAAC Lecture Series [online], Institute for advanced architecture in Catalonia (IAAC), Spain [Bohn] >>> details

Should we stop producing meat? (2021) invited panelist at: “The Future of Food” public event [online], Clean Growth UK, Great Britain [Bohn] >>> details

The Circular City: Rethinking architecture and engineering (2020) public talk and conversation at: “Unlikely Partners” public lecture series [online], University of Brighton, UK [Bohn and Yan Wang] >>> details

A short overview of food mapping: Developing a cross-­‐disciplinary approach (2020) paper (refereed) at: "Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future" international conference [online], Royal Anthropological Institute, Royal Geographical Society, SOAS University of London, British Academy, British Museum, UK [Bohn and Ferne Edwards] >>> details

Mapping the Edible City: Making visible communities and food spaces in the city (2020) panel (refereed) at: "Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future" international conference [online], Royal Anthropological Institute, Royal Geographical Society, SOAS University of London, British Academy, British Museum, UK [Ferne Edwards, Bohn and Viljoen] >>> details

Was kommt nach der Digitalisierung? (2020) interview at: Siegert, W. (2008-20) Was kommt danach?: Die Globalisierung. Die Demokratie. Die Digitalisierung >>> Online: http://www.daybyday.press/article7153.html [Bohn] >>> In German >>> details

Food as resource – food as problem – food as exemplary solution? (2020) public talk and panel discussant at: “Eco-Visionaries: Confronting a planet in a state of emergency” exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts London, UK [Bohn] >>> details
2015 — 2019

Food-productive infrastructure: Enabling agroecological transitions from an urban design perspective (2019) paper (refereed) at: “9th AESOP International Sustainable Food Planning” conference, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain [Bohn and Dong Chu] >>> details

Tasty Cities: KIGALI – DA NANG – BERLIN – Ein trans-disziplinäres Kolloquium über Nahrungssysteme als Teil der Stadt (2019) public talk (convenor) at: “Rapid Planning” research project, Technical University Berlin, Germany [Bohn] >>> details

Urban Food Innovation Labs: The ECF Berlin as an example of supply chain innovation (2019) workshop participant (consultancy) at: “Urbal: Urban-driven innovations for sustainable food systems”, ECF Mazfabrik Berlin, Germany [Bohn] >>> details

Five facts about food mapping / How we map opportunities (2019) two short lectures at: “EdiCitNet: Edible Cities Network” Horizon2020 international city team workshop, City of Andernach, Germany [Bohn] >>> details

Initiative Grüne Brandwände (2019) invited presentation and workshop at: "B.A.U.-Regionalgruppe Ost (Berlin / Brandenburg)" working meeting, B.A.U. Bund Architektur & Umwelt e.V., Berlin, Germany [Bohn] >>> details

Continuous Productive Urban Landscape: Scattering the rural into the urban (2018) public lecture at: Los Gázquez international artists residency, Andalucia, Spain [Bohn] >>> details

Urban Food Systems: It is not the “WHY” anymore, it is the “HOW” (2017) keynote at: “Making-Measuring-Rethinking sustainable food systems” AESOP sustainable food planning workshop, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany [Bohn]

Current development and challenges in Urban Agriculture (2017) invited presentation and seminar at: “Urban Agriculture and Urban Gardening” Alumni Seminar, TU Berlin Campus El Gouna, Egypt [Bohn]

Die Produktive Stadt (2016) public talk and workshop at: “PHV_Next_Generation”, IBA [International Building Exhibition] Heidelberg, Germany [Herbert Dreiseitl and Bohn]

Urbane Stoffkreisläufe (2016) public talk at: “PHV_Next_Generation”, IBA [International Building Exhibition] Heidelberg, Germany [Herbert Dreiseitl and Bohn]

Placemaking and the Digital: Innovative Teaching in Architecture (2016) paper (refereed) and roundtable discussion at: “DRHA16 Place, Ecology and the Digital” 20th anniversary Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts conference, Brighton, UK [Bohn, Simon Colwill, Kate Cheyne and Glenn Longden-Thurgood]

Second Nature Urban Agriculture (2016) public talk at: “Urban Gardening in Berlin + Urban Agriculture in der Welt” Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Universitätsbibliotheken der Technischen Universität und der Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany [Bohn]

Visualising nexuses on the ground and as processes (2016) invited presentation at: “Nexuses of the Urban” Workshop, The Nexus Network, University of Sussex, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]
Alternative Stadt- und Regionalplanung (2016) interview at: 5 Minuten für bessere Ernährung Food Policy Council Berlin at RadioEins-Bus, Stadt Land Food Festival Berlin, Germany [Bohn] >>> details

Urbane Landwirtschaft als Zweite Natur? (2016) public talk at: “WasserHorizonte II / Das Ländliche im Urbanen” international lecture series, HafenCity Universität Hamburg, Germany [Bohn]

Designing the (food) productive city (2016) keynote and seminar at: MISTRA Urban Futures “Urban Research” seminar, Göteborg, Sweden [Bohn]

The (food) productive city: Urban Agriculture as Second Nature (2016) public talk at: “Culture Theory Space” international lecture series, Plymouth University, UK [Bohn]

Second Nature Urban Agriculture: Designing the Productive City (2016) interview at: The Nature of Cities blog (2016) Urban agriculture has many benefits. Is one of them a contribution to urban sustainability?, issue 06/2016 [Viljoen and Bohn] >>> Online: http://www.thenatureofcities.com >>> here

Urban Agriculture: Thinking about the futures of our cities (2015) public talk at: “Agricultura Urbana” conference, Museo de las Migraciones, Montevideo, Uruguay [Bohn]

What is Urban Agriculture? (2015) invited presentation at: “Agricultura Urbana” workshop, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay [Bohn]

Integrating agriculture into urban development projects (2015) keynote at: “Urban Agriculture: Fostering the Rural-Urban Continuum”, 5th Rencontres Internationales de Reims, International Research Centre on Sustainability, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France [Viljoen and Bohn]

Second Nature and Urban Agriculture: A cultural framework for emerging food policies (2015) paper (refereed) and session chairing at: “7th AESOP International Sustainable Food Planning” conference, Universita + Politecnico di Torino, Italy [Bohn and Viljoen]

Pathways from practice to policy for Productive Urban Landscapes (2015) paper (refereed) at: “7th AESOP International Sustainable Food Planning Conference”, Universita + Politecnico di Torino, Italy [Viljoen and Bohn]

Die essbare Stadt: Urbane Landwirtschaft als Zweite Natur (2015) public talk at: “Wissenschaftsjahr Zukunftsstadt”, Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde, Görlitz, Germany [Bohn]

Urban agriculture: Making it commercially viable (2015) public talk and panelist at: “Nurturing a sustainable future” forum, World Expo Milan, Italy [Bohn]

Was könnte ein Landwirtschaftspark noch können? (2015) invited presentation at: “Workshop Landwirtschaftspark”, IBA [International Building Exhibition] Heidelberg, Germany [Bohn]

Second Nature Urban Agriculture (2015) invited presentation at: “Re-imagining Rurality” conference, University of Westminster, London, UK [Viljoen]
2010 — 2014

Urban Transformations: Pathways from practice to policy for Productive Urban Landscapes (2014) paper (refereed) at: “6th AESOP International Sustainable Food Planning” conference, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands [Viljoen and Bohn]

Die (nahrungs-) produktive Stadt (2014) public talk at: “Stadt Land Food” Festival für gutes Essen und gute Landwirtschaft, Berlin, Germany [Bohn]

Second Nature Urban Agriculture (2014) public talk at: “plan14 parcours” Internationale Architekturbiennale Köln, Germany [Bohn]

New Space, New Design: Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (2014) invited presentation at: UNESCO International Urban Food Network “Land for Food” workshop, Paris, France [Viljoen and Bohn]

Growing a CPUL City (2014) keynote at: International Colloquium “What is architecture?”, Ghent University, Belgium [Viljoen]

The CPUL CITY Actions (2013) public talk and panelist at: “The Food and the City Design Salon”, V&A Sackler Centre, London, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Completing the New Food Equation: The role of educational policies when establishing urban agriculture (2013) paper (refereed) and session chairing at: “5th AESOP International Sustainable Food Planning” conference, INRA and UMR Innovation Montpellier, France [Bohn, Viljoen and Regine Otters]

Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (2013) public talk and conversation with artist Kathrin Böhm at: “HAYSTACK05 Hunting Wild Boar by Phone”, Southbank Centre, London, UK [Bohn]

How food impacts on the high-density city (2013) invited presentation at: “City & Food sLIM seminar”, sLIM (Stichting Leergang Intensief Meervoudig Ruimtegebruik [Foundation for Intensive and Multiple Land Use]), University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Viljoen and Bohn]

What about Urban Agriculture? (2012) public talk at: “IaaC International Lecture Series”, Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain [Bohn]

Growing cities: Continuous Productive Urban Landscape as infrastructure (2012) invited presentation at: “Architecture through the City” conference, Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy [Bohn]

Urban agriculture is happening: On new developments in the USA (2011) keynote at: “3rd AESOP Sustainable Food Planning” conference, School of City and Regional Planning / Sustainable Places Research Institute Cardiff, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

CPUL City: An evolving design strategy and case for food urbanism (2011) opening paper (refereed) at: “Scales of Nature“ 48th world congress of the International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA), Zürich, Switzerland [Viljoen, Bohn, Mikey Tomkins and Gillian Denny]

Globale Ernährungsketten und urbane Landwirtschaft (2011) public talk and panelist at: “Urban Futures 2050” international conference, Böll-Stiftung, Berlin, Germany [Bohn]

(2011) invited presentation at: OAA annual conference “Urbanisation & Globalisation”, Toronto, Canada [Bohn]

(2011) public talk and panelist at: Über Lebenskunst, Berlin, Germany [Bohn]

(2011) keynote at: 1st International Congress “Urban Harvest and Sustainability”, Seixal, Portugal [Viljoen and Bohn]

(2010) invited presentation at: “Food in the city” conference (publication of a new food strategy by the National Assembly of Wales), Institute of Welsh Affairs, Cardiff, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Vertical Farming (2010) tv interview for: Countryfile programme, BBC1, UK [Viljoen]

CPUL City (2010) public talk and panelist at: Ecobuild "Sustainable by Design" seminars, Earls Court, London, UK [Bohn]
Designing for sustainable productive landscapes is a complex and ambitious task (2010) interview in: Landscape Architecture China (2010) Productive Landscape, vol. 9(1), pp. 24–30 [Bohn] >>> In Chinese and English >>> details
2005 — 2009

CPUL: A project-led approach to healthy cities (2009) invited presentation at: University of Brighton — Minhang District of Shanghai think tank, University of Brighton, UK [Viljoen]

The idea of Embodied Desire in the establishment of CPULs (2009) paper (refereed) at: 4th CAPPE International Interdisciplinary Conference “The Politics of Space and Place”, Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, University of Brighton, UK [Bohn and Mikey Tomkins]

1st European Sustainable Food Planning Conference (2009) invited presentation at: Association of European Schools of Planning AESOP, Almere, The Netherlands [Viljoen]

Foodscapes: Kansen voor een eetbare Schilderswijk (2009) public talk at: “Foodprint: Food for the City”, Stroom, Den Haag, The Netherlands [Debra Solomon, Bohn and Viljoen]

Places for people, places for plants (2009) keynote paper at: 2nd International Conference “Landscape and Urban Horticulture”, University of Bologna, Italy [Viljoen, Bohn, Mikey Tomkins and Gillean Denny]

(2009) public talk at: “London Yields: Urban Agriculture” symposium, Building Centre London, UK [Bohn and Viljoen]

The future of our food (2009) public talk at: Transition Town Brixton, London, UK [Viljoen]

Paysage Urbain Productif Continu (2009) public talk at: “LUP#12” laboratory for participatory urbanism, Paris, France [Bohn]

The power of community (2009) public talk at: The Fab Film Company's "Film Night", London, UK [Viljoen]

The Middlesbrough Urban Farming Project (2009) public talk at: “Carrot City”, Design Exchange, Toronto, Canada [Viljoen and Bohn]

Urban food growing and urban agriculture (2009) public talk at: "Growing in Haringey", Haringey Community Growers, London, UK [Bohn]

Designing for urban agriculture (2009) public lecture at: "Emerging Green Builders", Canada Green Building Council, Toronto, Canada [Viljoen]

Tools for making CPUL (2009) public talk at: “Feeding the future city: Designing edible urban landscapes”, The Architecture Centre, Bristol, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Making a CPUL (2009) public talk at: "BHOGG" — Brighton & Hove Organic Growing Group, Brighton, UK [Viljoen]

Growing food in the Biosphere City (2008) paper at: Brighton & Hove’s “Sustainability Conference 2008”, Brighton, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

London CPUL (2008) paper (refereed) and panelist at: European Forum for Architectural Policies “Architecture and Sustainable Development” conference, Bordeaux, France [Viljoen and Bohn]

London CPUL (2008) public talk at: "Harvest Lectures" series, Arup London, UK [Bohn]

Scrumptious Southbank (2008) public talk at: Festival of Food, Southbank Centre London, UK [Viljoen]

Growing to scale (2008) public talk at: 100% Sustainable at 100% Design London, UK [Bohn and Viljoen]

The Continuous Picnic (2008) public talk at: 2nd Sustainable Development Research Forum, University of Brighton, Brighton, UK [Viljoen]

Designing the 21st century town (2008) paper at: 5th Annual South Coast Towns conference “Shared Challenges, Individual Solutions”, Brighton, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Growing food for London (2008) public talk and panelist at: London Food Link conference “Growing Food for London”, Greater London Authority, London, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Designing for urban agriculture (2008) keynote at: “The Role of Food and Agriculture in the Design and Planning of Buildings and Cities” conference, Ryerson University Toronto, Canada [Viljoen and Bohn]

Urban agriculture for London? (2008) public talk at: "Dulwich Going Greener", Dulwich Village London, UK [Viljoen]

Designing CPUL for London (2008) invited presentation at: "Green Revolution" series at Creative Capital, The Hospital Club London, UK [Bohn and Viljoen]
CPUL as a measure of renaturation? (2008) invited presentation at: 1st expert meeting “Renaturation as a strategy of sustainable urban development”, Federal Ministry for Building and Regional Planning, Bonn, Germany [Bohn]

Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (2008) public talk at: “What Matters?” series, Swedish Architecture Museum Stockholm, Sweden [Bohn and Viljoen]

Utilitarian Dreams: A Collaboration between artists, architects and curator (2007) paper (refereed) at: “Architecture, Urbanism and Curatorship” 4th annual AHRA international conference, Kingston University, UK [Bohn, Yuneikys Villalonga and Viljoen]

The Urban Farming Project Middlesbrough (2007) public talk at: The "Dott07" Design Festival, Newcastle, UK [Viljoen, David Barrie and Bohn]

Agriculture without external inputs: The Cuban Experience (2007) keynote at: the Soil Association’s 60th anniversary conference “One Planet Agriculture”, Cardiff, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Continuous Productive Urban Landscape as essential infrastructure (2006) paper (refereed) at: Convención Científica de Ingeniería Y Arcquitectura, Havana, Cuba [Viljoen, Bohn and Jorge Peña Diaz]

Urban farming and Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (2006) public talk at: DOTT07 (Design of The Times) “Explorers Club” Newcastle, UK [Bohn and Viljoen]

Open Architecture (2006) invited presentation at: "Community-university partnerships for community-university benefits", CUPP Conference, University of Brighton, UK [Viljoen, Mike Aling and Phil Miller]

Green space network connections and CPULs (2005) public talk at: “Green Places” seminar at the Cityscape Conference London, UK [Viljoen]

Edible Cities and CPUL (2005) invited presentation at: Ash Sakula Architects' "Summer Evenings" London, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Infrastructure-based solutions: Urban and peri-urban agriculture (2005) paper (refereed) at: The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability (FEASTA) “Food Security” international conference, University College Dublin, Ireland [Viljoen and Bohn]

Don’t forget the food: Rural agriculture and urban agriculture (2005) paper at: Littoral Rural Design Forum conference “Architecture and Agriculture”, DEFRA Conference Centre York, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]
2000 — 2004

Measures of regeneration (2004) paper (refereed) at: Congress CATH 2004 “Philosophy of Architecture/Architecture of Philosophy” Bradford, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Productive Urban Landscapes (2003) paper at: International Federation of Housing and Planning Spring Conference London, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Urban Nature (2) (2001) two papers (refereed) at: London Architecture Week “Urban Nature Conference”, London Metropolitan University, UK [Bohn] [Viljoen]

Urban Nature (2) (2001) conference during "London Architecture Week" at: London Metropolitan University, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Life cycle analysis of thermal capacity and embodied energy (2001) paper at: RIBA/TIA CPD Workshop "Thermal mass in buildings"[Viljoen and Jane Anderson]

Urban Intensification and the Integration of Productive Landscape (2000) paper (refereed) at: “World Renewable Energy” conference, Brighton, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]

Urban Agriculture and the Sustainable City (2000) paper (refereed) at: “Building for Sustainable Development” International Solar Energy Society Conference (C74), London, UK [Viljoen and Bohn]