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2020-Jun-29 : Productive urban landscape becomes part of new urban quarter in Heidelberg, Germany
PHVision is a project of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Heidelberg on the site of former Patrick Henry Village (PHV). It aims, in the IBA’s own words, to ‘create an exemplary urban design to demonstrate that the »knowledge city of tomorrow« will be fit to provide the resources of life for years to come’.
Last week, Heidelberg City Council approved the Dynamic Master Plan for the implementation of the project: a new mixed-use urban quarter for about 10,000 people. To create a 'Produktive Stadtlandschaft' [productive urban landscape] is one of the development’s five key concepts, introduced to it by B&V during the IBA-led ideas finding phase.

During 2016/7, Bohn&Viljoen, together with Atelier Dreiseitl, acted as design consultants to the project tasked to develop an urban design strategy for the site's food, water and energy systems.
Produktive Stadtlandschaft is one of the five core concepts of the masterplan for Patrick-Henry-Village. (image: IBA Heidelberg and KCAP 2020)
IBA says: ‘”More vital, more heterogeneous and greener” is the overall guiding principle of the new resilient district, which will provide answers to pressing future questions on the 100-hectare conversion area with contemporary living and working environments, innovative open space and mobility concepts, a climate-neutral energy supply and the intelligent use of digital technologies. By the time of the IBA’s final presentation in 2022, the first pioneers should have moved into PHV'.

The quarter’s productive urban landscape is described as: ‘Open spaces and resource cycles in the future PHV are rethought in terms of a productive urban landscape. This means that near-natural open spaces will not only serve for nature conservation, play and leisure uses but also and in particular for the production of food and energy as well as for water management. The focus is on the direct relationship of people to natural processes and material cycles'.
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