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Agricultura urbana Montevideo (2015-)
This city-wide project for Uruguay's capital aims for, with its Mayor's words, 'the city as a meeting place where culture is an engine of change and urban agriculture is a possibility for recreation of public space, the use of time, interpersonal links and the way of feeding oneself'.

On invitation by the Uruguayan branch of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Germany (FESUR), Katrin was the keynote guest in the country's first cross-disciplinary urban agriculture workshop as well as speaking to city and country officials and the general public.
The unused tree and plant nursery of a nearby park is being rethought as a local food growing space by local stakeholders. (image: 2015)
Mayor Carlos Varela proposes to develop a pilot plan for organic urban gardens during the conference Agricultura Urbana y Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable. (image: Municipio B Montevideo www 2015)
Beatriz Bellenda and Stella Faroppa narrate the success story of Montevideo's school gardening programme. (video: Facultad de Agronomía Udelar 2020)

location: Montevideo, Uruguay
dates: 2015 ongoing
client: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Uruguay / Municipality of Montevideo
funding: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Uruguay (FESUR)

B&V team: Katrin Bohn

collaborators: Any Paz (project coordinator, Huerta Urbana del CCE) / Simone Reperger (FESUR) / Dieter Schonebohm (translator) / local researchers, activists, gardeners / members of the Municipality of Montevideo

Agricultura Urbana at the Municipality's website / Huerta Urbana at the Centro Cultural de Espana