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The Garden City of the Future (2019-)
‘Letchworth Garden City is the world’s first Garden City, created as a solution to the squalor and poverty of urban life in Britain in the late 19th century. Based on the ideas of Ebenezer Howard as published in his book of 1898 Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Reform, Letchworth Garden City inspired town planning across the globe.’ (from Letchworth’s website)

How do we showcase the Garden City of the Future?
This is one of the central questions that a local team of city representatives, food activists and design researchers explore in this European-funded innovation action project. With Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen as their consultants, the team aims to develop strategies that enable, amongst others, the implementation of (food-)productive urban landscapes.
Aerial view of Letchworth Garten City with town centre (image: Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation)
Generous open space between two of the town's housing estates
The Wynd, a pedestrianised retail and artisan-workshop street in the centre of Letchworth, is lined with two rows of fruit trees.

location: Letchworth Garden City, Great Britain
dates: 2019 ongoing
client: Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation
funding: European Commission (Horizon 2020) / University of Brighton

B&V team: This is a University of Brighton project. For the University of Brighton: Katrin Bohn, André Viljoen

collaborators: Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation / International Garden Cities Institute / Transition Town Letchworth / Best Before Café Letchworth / North Hertfordshire District Council / University of Hertfordshire / Brighton & Hove Food Partnership / local activists

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