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Landwirtschaftspark Heidelberg (2015-8)
An IBA [International Building Exhibition], Germany's most influential urban regeneration tool, is currently facilitating 'innovative, knowledge-based' urban development in the City of Heidelberg. One of its 'urban laboratories' is the Urban Agriculture Park which provides a prototype for planning and designing urbanisation in an agricultural setting.

Bohn&Viljoen acted as productive urban landscape and urban agricultural experts to the project and, for the IBA, led the participatory design process with local initiative Interessengruppe Heidelberg engaging local residents, farmers, council administrators and politicians, community gardeners and local institutions.
The 40-ha site is situated within the city's boundaries as well as within the metropolitan region. (image: B&V using an underlay provided by IBA Heidelberg)
The agricultural landscape borders several urban neighbourhoods.
The future Urban Agriculture Park consists of a patchwork of different fields owned and used by a multitude of stakeholders. (image: B&V and IBA Heidelberg)

location: Heidelberg, Germany
dates: 2015 — 2018
client: International Building Exhibition (IBA) Heidelberg / City of Heidelberg
funding: City of Heidelberg

B&V team: Katrin Bohn

supporters: staff at IBA Heidelberg / Interessengruppe "Landwirtschaftspark" / local residents

IBA Heidelberg, project website Landwirtschaftspark / information services at the City of Heidelberg / project news on our blog Productive Urban Landscapes