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PHVision Heidelberg (2016-7)
Germany's most influential urban regeneration tool IBA [International Building Exhibition] is currently facilitating 'innovative, knowledge-based' urban development in the City of Heidelberg.
One of its urban laboratories, the Patrick Henry Village, proposes prototypes for the rethinking of urbanisation in an agricultural setting. The project site is located at the south-western boundary of the City of Heidelberg, right in the middle of the metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar.

As part of a larger team, we have been involved with design and design research on urban metabolism (food, water, energy) for the regeneration of this 100-ha estate.
Once food growing becomes an integral part of urban life (again), open space can be used in great variety. (image: B&V with Marcel Croxson)
Typical housing and open space structure on about half of the existing site (image: IBA Heidelberg)
Urban agriculture is thought jointly with other food system components as well as with other metabolic streams. (image: Studio Dreiseitl and B&V with Marcel Croxson)