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2020-Jan-17 : INVITE: Designing from a depleted world at the Royal Academy of Arts in London
On Monday 27th January 2020, 6.30 — 8pm, the second public panel discussion accompanying the RA's Eco-Visionaries exhibition will take place at the Benjamin West Lecture Theatre, Burlington Gardens at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

The panellists, including Katrin Bohn, reflect on the impact of human action on Earth’s depleting resources and discuss how we can move forward with what is left. They critically examine the influence large-scale human consumption and manufacturing has on our planet.

From the RA's website: 'The problems surrounding resource depletion have now moved far beyond the ever-diminishing size of our forests or the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels. The Earth as a whole has enough fertile soil for less than 70 years, with predictions for the UK often being half that. It is clear that without significant changes to the way we live, humankind as a whole is looking at a grim future...'
The Breast Milk of the Volcano by Unknown Fields, panellists with Smout Allen and Katrin Bohn (image: Unkown Fields www 2016-8)
And more details from the RA's website:

'... Our panellists will present short introductions to their work, followed by a discussion on how architects, designers and artists can positively contribute to the conversation around large-scale human consumption. From the dramatic consequences our dependency on technology has on rural communities, to how we should produce food in the changing climate; they will discuss the real cost of consumption in a rapidly deteriorating world, all to make proposals on how we should live in the future.

At the end of the discussion, the panel will also take questions from the audience.'
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