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Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (CPUL) concept (2004)
The term ‘Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (CPUL)’ defines a concept for the coherent integration of urban agriculture into urban space planning. With our design concept we make the case for considering urban agriculture as an essential element of sustainable infrastructure. The term ‘CPUL City’ describes the vision for a resilient urban entity – containing CPULs – that enables sustainable urban food systems for the pleasure of its individual citizens and the benefits of environment, economy, culture and society as a whole.

With the aim of consolidating and disseminating our design research findings, we produced the book Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes (CPULs): Designing urban agriculture for sustainable cities. André edited the volume which has an overarching text by both of us supported by chapters written by specialists underpinning arguments made within the overarching text.
Our "CPUL book" was published in Feburary 2005 and contains nearly 10 years of research by invited experts and ourselves. (image: B&V 2004)