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Designing essential infrastructure (2010)
Landscape Architecture China (now Landscape Architecture Frontiers), one of the key Chinese landscape design journals, invited us for an article and interview. The article reviews the role of productive landscapes within the context of the CPUL City design concept. Whilst this concept concentrates on the European urban model, it draws from international experience and its findings are scalable and adaptable to other urban models, including the Chinese.
Apart from the article, the journal also contains an interview with Katrin.

The article is published in Chinese and English. The journal can be found here.
According to Dr. Dong Chu, 'the main idea of this article has been a starting point for researching productive urban landscape design in China'. (image: LAC 2010)
Full reference:

Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (CPUL): Designing essential infrastructure (2010), in: Landscape Architecture China (2010) Productive Landscape, vol. 9, issue 1, pp. 24–30. [Bohn, K. and Viljoen, A.]
>>> Publication in Chinese and English