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LeisurEscape London (2002)
Created for an ideas competition on urban leisure in 2002, this project marks one of the key beginning of our conceptual work on the Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (CPUL) and CPUL City.

In 2002, we wrote: 'LeisurEscape touches on an archaic desire — the desire to move in leisure through open space. It juxtaposes human leisure desires with proposals arising from the urge for an independent sustainable urban future... LeisurEscape enables city dwellers to escape into the countryside and country dwellers into the city. It is applicable to any urban environment but most needed in large cities... LeisurEscape forms a continuous landscape running from outside London to the Thames and to outside London again... Instead o fthe conventional usage of roads, LeisurEscape turns roads into a unique productive landscape growing fruit and vegetables for the city dwellers' own consumption...'
'The continuous productive landscape which accommodates LeisurEscape is laid out mainly over existing roads based on the future vision of reduced car traffic.' (image: B&V 2002)